WAE’s Drinking Water Fountains, A Must for Public & Commercial Places

For all public places and commercial setups like airports, railway and metro stations as well as marketplaces, malls, cineplexes, exhibition grounds, etc. with a huge crowd, it is of utmost importance to meet the hydration needs of several people at a time with the most efficient, sustainable and touchless drinking water machines offered by WAE known as the drinking water fountains.

WAE, a complete drinking water-solution providing company has come up with a series of new, scientific and innovatively designed drinking water machines known as bottle filling stations cum fountains with a compact and modular design, single or dual bubblers, a bottle filler & chiller, ideal for all commercial and public utility areas.

In fact, WAE, with an expertise and experience of about 15 years, is today, well-known for providing complete sustainable drinking water solutions to satisfy everyone’s hydration needs, particularly at public places and commercial setups. However, to find and go for the best drinking water fountain manufacturer in the market, there are various considerations that need to be taken care of before settling down for the best. These have been discussed below in detail:

In the present times, people as well as the drinking water machine manufacturing companies are emphasising on sustainable water solutions which can be attained only through these drinking water fountains with chillers exquisitely designed by WAE with the latest research-based technologies considered as one of the most preferred hydration solutions for all commercial and public utility areas.

These drinking water fountains with bottle fillers are known for being touchless, hygienically dispensing pure and safe drinking water in different temperatures, such as hot, cold & ambient options. Moreover, these are considered to be the best drinking water fountains in India as they are integrated with single or dual bubblers with wall-mount option, eradicating the use of any plastic water bottles or jars. Hence, whether it is an airport, railway or metro station, these outdoor drinking water fountains are the best choice.

Range of Products & Services – These drinking water fountains for corporates are specifically designed and manufactured by WAE displaying an array of products like the DWF NT01 Series, DWF NT02 Series, DWF NT03 Series, the DWF PLUSULTRA Series, etc. with an array of customized models and services to meet the specific needs of its esteemed clients. On the other hand, there are companies with limited products or service range, and thus, they are only able to cater to a limited number of clients. Therefore, WAE can be considered to be the most preferred option with a variety of fully customizable product range providing the best drinking water solution in all commercial and public places.

Fully Customizable & After Sales Services – Additionally, this Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or WAE offers fully customized products and services with unmatched quality and after sales service to satisfy the specific requirements of its esteemed clients, 24×7. Thus, if you are looking for a complete hydration solution for a public place, public utility area, or any commercial space, just visit the WAE website to make your choice from a wide range of energy & cost-efficient products and services that are being offered ensuring the best quality!